Best 5 Bike Tours That You Should Visit Once in you’re Life

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When we see our bike many times we think that we should go on one long road trip just you and your bike only. Keep going until road not ends & you do not hire the sound of cities like the sound of metro trains, horns of vehicles, screaming of peoples, increasing pollution and all things. here in this article, I covered one of the best bike tours India.

Bike riding is one of the most popular sports many people love to go on a long journey on bikes. if you really want to see the beauty of this wonderful world then at least once you have to go on a bike tour. On a bike trip, you get to meet new people on your way & you can stop anywhere you like.

 Someone said that if you “Really want to fill the nature you have to become one with nature“ that can happen. if you go close to nature then you can fill the nature on your own way birds whispering, trees, animals pollution free air and no one around just you and your bike and in front of your destination.

People also say that if you want to live life then you have to travel places where you not gone till now. If you are wondering about the best places to travel by bike in India.

Here is the list of 5 awesome bike tours in India


Bike Tours
Image source – Google | image by-pikist

The most loved bike trip in India you can say it is Delhi to Leh bike trips every year millions of people go there. On your journey from Delhi to Leh, you will have the chance to see the natural beauty in the form of mountains and lakes.

 The average distance of Delhi to Leh through the highway on a bike is around 1011 km it will take time approximately 24 hours or 1 ½ day to reach your destination.

On your way, you can enjoy staying in these beautiful places Zanskar and Indus river, khardung la, nubra valley, etc.


Image source – Google | image by- wikimedia

The Shimla to Spiti always attracts the tourists toward his beauty on your way to Spiti you can see the change in an environment like one-stop you will see the icy mountains on the next stop you will see the rocky mountains and rivers. The distance you have to travel on your journey to Spiti is more than 1800 Km and time approximately will take to reach you to Spiti is 1 or 2 days.

The places you can visit on your way are Chandratal lake, Kunzum pass, Pin valley national park etc.  


Image source – Google | image by-flickr

When we talk about the Goa some picture are makes in our mind like beaches, sunny day , beach partes, sea side hotels etc. the trip from Mumbai to Goa is also one of the popular road trips in india where people loves to go to goa via a bikes on your way to goa you can enjoy the places like murud,harnai beach,malgund etc.

The distance you will travel in this trip is 600 km the time approximatlt takes to reach the goa will be 10-11 hours.

4.Kolli Hills , Tamil nadu ( TN)

Image source – Google | image by-wikimedia

The Koli hills are famous for its 70 hairpin bends this is a nice place to start your trip. in Kolli hills you can visit the Agaya Gangai waterfall, pineapple farms & lord shiva temple. The best places to visit in Tamil Nadu are Rameshwaram Yercaud, Ooty, etc.

On your way to Kolli hills to Tamil Nadu to really can see the natures beauty and hand made historical temples through our eyes.

 The distance from the Kolli hills is 80-90 Km the time approximately takes to reach the Tamil Nadu is 2 hours.


Bike Tours
Image source – Google | image by-pikist

The Jaipur to Jaisalmer trip is not for them who can’t endure sun and tricky roads. The trip to Jaisalmer you have to cross the desert area but when you reach your destination you will see the great culture of Rajasthan and hospitality of the state. The trip will take up to 9to 10 hours to reach your destination and you have to travel more than 550 Km on your road trip.

On your trip, you will not get bored or something because on your journey you will see the great beauty of nature and people on your way.

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 Here in this article, we explained about best places to go on bike tours in India we only covered some most liked bike trips only.

The list is also created by selecting random places from list for bike tours.

Our objective is to give you proper guidance for your journey to make your trip memorable.

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[…] Best 5 Bike Tours That You Should Visit Once in you’re Life […]

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