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The Raksha Bandhan is one of the most popular festivals in India on this day brother and sister celebrate this festival especially. The sister ties the rakhi on the hand of brother and brother promises his sister he will always protect her as this is his duty.


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Why raksha bandhan celebrated in India?

The Raksha Bandhan is one of the very popular and important festivals is celebrated in India. the Raksha Bandhan is the festival where a sister ties the rakhi on the right hand of his brother in return brother promises them that he will always protect them as a duty of his.

Why Raksha Bandhan celebrated it is celebrated because on this day sister reminds his brother of his promise of protection and you should always help me whenever I need.  Also on this day sister thanks his brother for everything he did for them.

11+ Best Raksha Bandhan Quotes For Cousin Brother

What actually happens on Raksha Bandhan day?

On the day of Raksha Bandhan sister prayers his brother and ties the rakhi on his hand. Gives him sweats to eat actually they feed him with their own hands. Also gives him dry coconuts, dozens of bananas, sweats, and handkerchief as a blessing.

In return, brother gives them what they want or he gives them some money as a gift. So they can buy whatever they want to buy with that money. Also, their brother has to touch the feet of his sister to show his respect to his sister.

The parents does not take part in this festival this is totally is for sister and brothers.

11+ Best Raksha Bandhan Quotes For Cousin Brother


Brother and sister raksha bandhan quotes who respects each other

  1. Brother you’re my role model since from my childhood. you always helped me whenever I needed help in anything. Also you always defended me whenever I did something wrong you always showed me the right path…thank you so much and also HAPPY RAKSHA BANDHAN BROTHER
  2. There have been several years but you never changed you always stay like this for forever.

Brother and sister raksha bandhan quotes who fights most

  1. Only for today I’m liesening what ever you say because today is raksha bandhan, I want one nice beautiful dress as a gift from you and that’s why I will not fight with you today….also happy raksha bandhan
  2. Sometimes I think you are adopted and sometimes I think you are not a human because you a so different and always irritates me. Also in childhood you and me always fight for the TV remote and at the end mom took’s TV remote from us because of you. So for today only I’m takes our rivalry aside because of raksha bandhan….happy raksha bandhan
  3. Our rivalry is going on since childhood but only one day in a year we behave like a nice brother and sister…that day is raksha bandhan and today is raksha bandhan so happy raksha bandhan stay blessed and safe. 

Brother and sister raksha bandhan quotes for younger brother.

  1. Even through I preferred little sister having brother like is a blessing you and me have so much nice memories with each other… like watching our favrite TV show together, studying and eating together. Today is Raksha Bandhan so happy Raksha Bandhan brother have a bright future ahead.
  2. Having a little brother like you has been erratic and downright annoying at times, if not most time. But because you have always found new ways to show me how much you believe in me, has helped me build the confidence I needed to became the person I’m today. Brother and sister Raksha Bandhan quote little sister happy Raksha Bandhan.
  3. When I was a little I always wanted one young brother then you come in my life as a cute and sweat little baby brother. So from that day I can celebrate “ rakhi “ with you and family. Happy Raksha Bandhan to you brother.  

Thought on best raksha bandhan quotes in English

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