the image show the blogger vs wordpress title on it and some topic which we will going to cover in our blog

Blogger vs WordPress: Full Summary About Blogger and WordPress in Just 5min

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as a beginner, you were wondering which should you pick for building website blogger vs WordPress then let’s talk about it. Most people who started or wants to start a website they always think about which will be better blogger vs WordPress. Therefore, here I covered some key differences between the blogger and WordPress.

the image show the blogger vs wordpress title on it and some topic which we will going to cover in our blog       Blogger vs WordPress

You are in this article that means you are starting or want to start a website but you’re confuse about which platform should I choose for my website.

The most popular blogging and articles writing platform are blogger and WordPress these two platforms are design for beginners so they can publish their write articles.

Here in this article, I’ll try to solve your confusion of blogger vs WordPress. So, at the end of this article, you will know which is best for your need.

What is the article platform?

History of Blogger

History of WordPress


Control and Flexibility


Which is better for Adsense blogger or WordPress?

Which is easier to use?

Is WordPress or blogger best for making money?

And many more. Let’s get started.

what is the article platform blogger and WordPress?

an article platform is a software specially design for writing the quality and useful articles there are so many articles writing platforms are there but most people choose the blogger or WordPress.

The different platforms have there owned uniqueness and some special feature by using they attract the customers.

A platform like a blogger is a product of Google that means it does not need anything more than that to recognize its authority and brand.

In the other hand, there is WordPress the WordPress is a organization/company.

History of Blogger

In 1999 Pyra labs has lunched the blogger. this tool was originally was design to help the peoples to publish their blogs. In 2003, Pyra labs’ blogging tool are acquired by google on some terms and conditions.

Through these conditions the all the features of the tool are declared free. In 2004, the co-founder of Evan Williams left the google then google purchased the Picasa with its images sharing feature “Hello” in Blogspot, through this feature the adding images in the blog became so easy for the bloggers.

In 2004, blogger introduced the new features such as pages, commenting, templates & posting through e-mails, etc.

History of WordPress

In WordPress was lunched in 2003 mike little & matt Mullenweg is the founder of WordPress & lunched WordPress in 2003 created a fork of b2/cafelog. The WordPress personal well-architected publishing system & WordPress is created using the PHP and MySQL and licensed under the GPLv2.

The WordPress provides services to more than 35% of the sites all around the world.

WordPress is an open-source system which is evolve in progressive ways in overtime. WordPress is created to create and share articles and websites.

OwnershipBlogger vs WordPress

Talking about the authority of your sites on the blogger and WordPress if you use the Blogspot then the authority of your site will be reserved by google. You do not have any authority on your site.

Google will be the owner of your site which you created and build. If you do anything that violates the google policy then google can take strict action against your site even google can delete your site.

the blogger is open-source software that any can use but only if you have a google account.

In WordPress, all the authority of your site is reserve by you and no one can stop you because all the authority of your site is reserve by you.

For using the WordPress you must have the custom domain, cloud hosting, or shared hosting then only you can use the WordPress themes & plugin for free.

Also in WordPress, you get customization options for themes but that depends on which type of theme you are using or that in the free version of the theme includes the full customization or not.


in blogger, you do not have any authority of your blog for the authority of your site you need to get a custom domain and start working on it.

Control and Flexibility

In you will get the free domains from Google tool named Blogspot or blogger. the blogger is a free blogging platform for writing blogs and articles. in this, you will not need any web hosting plan or anything because google provides you both domain and hosting for free.

Blogger you have to follow some terms of service of google on blogger control of your blog is not completely yours because google owns your site even if you using your google account for accessing but google is providing you free services but in exchange, they have all authority of your site.

In WordPress hosting, you have all the authority of your site. you can control all the actions on WordPress even you can manage your WordPress blogs using a different plugin for a good ranking on google search results.

To access your site properly you need to install WordPress on your device that will help you to access your site more flexibly.


For our website, we all concerned about the security of your website. security is the most important factor in website building taking about blogger and WordPress. In Blogspot, you do not have to worry about the security of your site because the security of your site is provided by google himself.

In WordPress their you have to secure your site by your self by purchasing the security tools from external sources. you have to maintain your site by your self in WordPress.


The blogger is more secure in every way because it is powered by the google himself.

Which is better for Adsense blogger vs WordPress?


A blogger is a tool of google that means its well authorized in everything you do not have to vary about the security of your site or anything because google himself provides security to your site.

In blogger you can create unlimited websites for free you do not have to pay money for that.

In blogger there are templates are available for free also you can add custom templates for free But in blogger, there are limited templates are available. For creating templates in blogger you should know the site-building languages to build one custom user-friendly templates.

Also in blogger SEO of your site & blog posts, you have to do by yourself and authority of your site is not yours in blogger all the authority of your sites will be reserved by google.

Google can also delete your site if you do anything wrong or you post something unethical, harmful, or hateful content on your site.

In the blogger, you can’t use plugins on your site.


WordPress is a platform that is developed by the WordPress is the most popular tool for building a website. In the WordPress security of your site have to maintain by yourself. Security does not provide by the WordPress you have to purchase external tools for that.

WordPress is not a free tool that anyone can use. Also, you have to purchase the custom domains for building your site & you will need one hosting plan this also you have to purchase.

In WordPress for doing SEO of your site and posts, there are lots of free SEO plugins are available in WordPress.

WordPress also has a huge number of templates themes for free anyone can use them. In WordPress all authority of your site is reserve by you no one can do anything on your site.


If you are new in website and blog writing then I’ll recommend you use a blogger but if you want to build one e-commerce or business site then I recommend you use WordPress.

Which is easier to use?

The WordPress and blogger are two different platforms which are mostly used by the peoples you build there website. If you are new then I’ll recommend you start with blogger because the blogger is easier to use.

The blogger has a very simple interface it does not have a complicated interface all the beginners can easily use it without any problem.

For writing blog on blogger, you need to some SEO knowledge for writing a blog on blogger without that your articles will not rank on google.

On the other hand, there is WordPress if you want to use WordPress you have to take proper training without the proper guidance if you use WordPress you will not understand its all main features. In WordPress, there are so many features that if you not heard from someone you will never new it.

WordPress has so many different types of plugins for different purposes. Also, WordPress has many themes for free if someone will not tell you then you will never new it.


In my recommendation, if you are a beginner then you should start with blogger Because the blogger is easier to use and for understanding more about the building of the site.

Is WordPress or blogger best for making money?

All people start their sites for only one reason that is for making money through their site but if you are wondering that which will be more beneficial for making more money from a site that is WordPress or blogger.

The blogger is good for making money but the blogger does not have any future because the blogger has many restrictions. If you are using a blogger then you can get AdSense approval but getting approval will not be easy because Adsense prioritizes the high priority domains like .com, .net, .in, etc.

If you use WordPress with custom domain & posts valuable content on it then there are more chances of getting approval from Adsense & other ad networks.

The WordPress provides so many features to enhance your site & for making more user-friendly websites without coding.


if you wanna make money fast then I’ll recommend you go with WordPress with a custom domain.  

conclusion :

here in this article, we covered the most asked questions such as which is better blogger vs WordPress , ownership, security, which is better for making money? etc.

we tried to solve your most asked question on this topic.

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[…] Blogger vs WordPress: full summary about blogger and WordPress […]


[…] Blogger vs WordPress: full summary about blogger and WordPress […]

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