Top 10 Dangerous Dogs Bread Who Attacked Humans Most

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The most of people love’s to take any dog as their pets because someone said that “ dogs are the best friends of humans”. You can say that this line is true because there are thousands of examples of dogs who helped the person whenever they were in danger. But there are so many types of breads of dogs are present in the world that can easily kill the anyone within a minutes knowing that peoples love’s these dangerous Dogs bread.

There are so many types of dogs are present that most of the people don’t know about like a dog who is smaller than a cat & dogs who is larger than a Lion or tiger.

The People love’s to pet a dogs because dogs always tries to protect you and your family and also protect the house from intruders. But there is some dogs bread that most of the people avoid facing because these dogs breads are so dangerous that no one wants to go near around these dangerous dogs bread.

So here in this article, I’ll tell you the most dangerous dogs bread in the world who are feared because of their overprotective and aggressive nature.

Is there any danger of Corona from animals dogs cows and others?

Actually No,

                 Your pets can get a coronavirus but they can’t transfer that to you. The animal-like Dogs, Cats, and Cows are getting sick sometimes because of some virus but you don’t have to worry about the transfer of that virus to you.

I Got Scratched From Dog Chain Steel Chain On My Nail Part And Blood Came Out It Is Dangerous.

There are some chances of starting infection over there if you do not take the necessary precautions. Like chain are made of steel and iron sometimes so that can cause you the infection if the chain is rusted or has some small virus on it.

If from dogs chain  you got the starch that does not mean you will have some infection or something but you should take a precaution and apply some antiseptic or it. 

Top 10 Dangerous Dogs Bread Who Attacked Humans Most


most dangerous dogs bread in around the world that is AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIR
Image source – Google | image by-wikimedia

In the Dangerous dogs breads there is one name is common that is PIT BULL. Pit bull are also known as the fighting bread dogs. This dog bread is so strong and brave that they does not fear to attack anyone. The pit bull has a one of the strong biting power in world when they bit someone after that removing them is like impossible. They are one of the of dangerous dogs bread that they are infamous in world for attacking peoples most in the world.

If you want to pet the pit bull then you have to take proper precaution of dog you have to make them socialize with other and always give them proper attention. If you not give them proper time and training then they can attack others people and animal around them as par their nature.    

The American pit bulls are banned in countries like Miami Dade County in Florida, Ontario Canada because of their aggressive attacking nature.

2. Wolf hybrid

Image source – Google | image by-wikimedia

The wolf hybrid is spices of dogs who is combination of dog and wolf genes that’s why they are know as WOLF HYBRID. This dog known as to be in a worlds dangerous dogs bread because of their appearances they totally looks like a real wolf that’s why people can’t tell the difference between them.

The dogs has  wolf’s DNA in their blood that’s why they always thinks and sees other as a pray. Always prays on the other small animals and others moving things.

The most of the time attacked the human childrans because they sees them as a easy pray.   


most dangerous dogs in around the world that is TOSA INU
Image source – Google | image by-wikimedia

This dog bread has long feet and heavy weight because of that they are also known as the Fighter breed or dog of the samurai. This dog are so strong physically and their weight can be around the 90 KG. This dogs loves to be alone and does not like others persons or animals to come closer to them.

This dog bread is so rare that their price starts from $ 1600 to $ 16000 for one dog. This dog is banned in Malta and Norway Denmark because of their aggressive and overprotective nature.  


most dangerous dogs bread in around the world that is FILA BRASILEIRO
Image source – Google | image by-wikimedia

This dogs are only found in the Brazil and known for their tracking ability, toughness and aggressive nature. People mostly pet them for hunting wild boar Jagwar also people use them for taking care of their domestic goats etc.

people says that these dogs does not know how to forgive other when they get angry on someone then no one can stop them.  Also these dogs don’t like other peoples or animals around them they does not have any patients that’s why they immediately attacks others who comes in their private zone.

When Fila Brasileiro gets angry then their owner also stays on back foot and does not go near them because they can attack him.


most dangerous dogs in around the world that is PRESA CANARIO
Image source – Google | image by-wikimedia

Presa canario also known as Bullmastiff this dog also called as fighter dog. This dogs are so powerfull,  strong and there are also tall in size. Their average weight is can be around the 70KG this weight is around one average human being.

They does not like strangers to come near them also when ever the owner take them on a walk then they always gets hyper active ready to attack because of this owner have to take special care of their dogs.  

 They most of the time attacks the strangers who comes near them or they think them as a thread to them or for their family. this dangerous dogs bread are not for the people who are looking for the family pet.

The Presa Canario(BULLMASTIFF) are banned in the AUSTRELIA AND NEW ZEALAND because of their overprotective nature.  


 most dangerous dogs bread in around the world that is ROTT WEULER
Image source – Google | image by-wikimedia

This dogs are mostly used for the military and police units for searching and rescuing operations. This dogs are comes under the guard dogs category usually this dogs are peaceful and well mannered but when time comes they can become the dangerous and ravenous.

This dogs usually likes the open and big areas to live also owner has to teach them to stay in between the people and socialize with other people and animals.  This dogs are also has the dominating nature whenever they sees the other dogs they tries to dominate them and attack them.

When the Rottweuler get out of control  then they can attack their owner also they are known for attacking their own owners most in the world. By knowing this people love to pet the Rottweuler for obidiant nature, good behaviour and because they always get ready for work anytime.


Image source – Google | image by-wikimedia

The dogo argentino’s are white coloured, large sized muscular dogs they are known for their physical power and for their hunting capabilities. In Argentina this dogs are mostly used for hunting the large wild boars and for catching fishes because of their strong physics they can easily kill large sized wild animals.

Now this dogs are used for the protection purpose for that owner have to teach them and make them a socialized pets from their childhood. 

In some countries these dogs are used for fighting purpose and you need to know that they does not like to loss. If this dogs gets out of control then they can easily kill anyone who come in their way.

The Dogo Argentino are banned in AUSTRELIA, NEW ZEALAND AND PORTUGAL for their aggressive nature.


 most dangerous dogs in around the world that is NEAPOLITAN MASTIFF
Image source – Google | image by-wikimedia

The NEAPOLITAN MASTIFF are the large sized overweight dog breads who has the loose skin. They are known for their protection skills they are so skilled in protecting the houses and other important properties.

These dogs are belongs from the Italy  in past they were used for battles in colosseums with the gladiators. Also Roman’s used them as a war dogs they takes them in war for battle.

The NEAPOLITAN MASTIFF are the bravest for their family, owner and for their house they becomes so extremely over protective. You do not need to train them for protection of you and for your house they protection word is their blood.

In SINGAPURE and ROMANIA owner have to take proper certificate and license for petting the Neapolitan Mastiff.


most dangerous dogs in around the world that is BANDOG
Image source – Google | image by-wikimedia

the bandog is not for them who never petted any dogs in past because for petting this dog you need to give them a proper attention and time their behaviour are totally depends on your care how you takes care of your bandog. This dogs is not just a strong they are very aggressive and over protective in nature.

This dogs are so loyal and protective towards their owner but most of the experts recommends that people to not take them as a family pet. The bandogs physical strength are unbelievable and also their jaw muscles are very strong if they bit something then bandog is only one who decides wheather he wants to drop or brook it. 

This dogs are very intelligent in nature they quickly learns every thing fast and they don’t like other animal or dogs around them. They can suddenly attack anyone around them that’s why they are very dangerous for everyone because of this in most of the countries they are banned.


most dangerous dogs bread in around the world that is TEBETAN MASTIFF
Image source – Google | image by-wikimedia

The Tibetan Mastiff are very strong, heavyweight dogs and they have very dense hair on their body. These dogs are also ahs the hair on their neck because of that they really look like a lion because of this they are also called as the “Lion Dogs”.

These dogs are mostly found in the mountain area of Tebet there they are used for protection of coats from wild animals. The TIBETAN MASTIFF is very powerful any strong that’s why they are used for protection of coats from wolfs, leopard, bears, and tigers.

These dogs are not for playing around like small pets for controlling them the owner has to be very strong. if the owner is not strong then they can easily overpower them because that they can easily harm or kill anyone around them.

For controlling them owner has to teach them from start how to behave and stay claim.


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Thoughts On This Topic Dangerous dogs bread

In this article, I’ve mentioned some dangerous dogs bread around the world who can kill anyone if they wanted. But is article is just for education and information purpose we don’t want to spread any hat for any dogs or any human being.

If you like this article then don’t forget to leave your valuable thoughts in the comment section. Also if you have any queries related to anything about this article then you can contact me in my mail.

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