Safe Chinese Apps Alternatives: Tiktok, SHAREit, UC Browser, Cam Scanner, Video Editing & More

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On the date 30 June 2020 Indian Government decided to banned the Chinese Apps in India. From this day forward in India no one can use the Chinese apps there are total 59 apps list created by the Indian Government which are now banned in India. So here in this article, I’m gonna tell you the safe Chinese Apps Alternatives India.

Safe Chinese Apps Alternatives

Everyone in India and in other countries are shocked by the step taken by the Indian government all of a sudden. In foreign counties, people also shocked by the step taken by the Indian government against the Chinese apps.

All the peoples has their own perspective on this topic also I have some too. But here in this article, I’ll going to tell you the some exact and one of the main reasons why the Indian Government has taken the step like this like banning Chinese applications in India totally.

There are total 59 Apps which are banned in India now. So this apps are banned in the India that means Indian peoples can’t use or download these apps in your smartphones from now on. Also the Playstore one of the known apps downloading apps use in word wide are not showing any Chinese apps in the location of India in total 59 apps are their which are not showing in the Google Playstore as per the Indian Government instruction to Google Playstore.

so here in this article is totally for them who are looking for some safe Chinese apps alternatives for use in their cell phones without worrying about the data leakage.

Real Reason Why Chinese Apps Are Banned In India

The are many reason why Chinese apps are banned in India but here in this section I’ll tell you the exactly why Indian Government banned this apps and stopped peoples of india for using this all 59 apps in India.

It all started when the all of a sudden Chinese army infaltrated the Indian boarder. Indian and Chinese soldier started fighting on Indian boarder. But everyone knows that Chinese soldier was the one who inflatrated the Indian boarder LAC Ladakh area Galvan valley. From that day Indian and Chinese officers are tried to solve all the boarder issues in between china and India.

On the date 14 June Indian and Chinese higher level officers decided that Chinese army will back down to their original terotory after that on 15 June when Indian soldier goes near to the LAC Galvan valley boarder the then all of the sudden Chinese army attacked the Indian soldier who just came for the investigation of that Chinese armies soldiers are gone or not. In that attacked the Indian army’s 20 brave soldiers are died by protecting the motherland India.

Indian soldier and higher level officers of India confirmed that was the pre planed attack setup by the Chinese Government and their soldiers. Also by defending themselves the Indian soldiers killed the Chinese soldier in large quantity. That Chinese Government does not revealing the exact how many soldiers are died that day. The Indian official say that Chinese almost 40-43 soldiers are died that day.

After this incident on the Galvan valley 20 Indian soldiers are died that day because the Chinese governments was behind this attack the Indian Government decided that they will totally boycott the Chinese and their products & services.

By taking action against the Chinese the Indian government decided to banned the 59 chinese applications in India.

Why only android and ISO applications are banned in India.

The Chinese apps are banned in India, it is confirmed that total 59 apps are banned in India including some most popular apps like TikTok, SHAREit, and UC Browser.

Reason behind this is why Indian government banned Chinese apps in india that is because some boarder and trade issues are going in between the Indian government and Chinese government so considering the safety of citizens of India and their private data information the Indian government banned the Chinese apps permanently.

The Indian government concerned that these applications was engaging the activities that threatened “national security and defence of India”. This is the reason exactly Indian government given for banning these Chinese apps.

59 apps banned in India

Here is a list of 59 apps banned in India:

1. TikTok
2. UC Browser
3. Shareit
4. Clash of Kings
5. Likee
6. Shein
7. Kwai
8. YouCam makeup
9. Helo
10. Baidu map
11. DU battery saver
12. Mi Community
13. CM Browers
15. APUS Browser
16. Virus Cleaner
17. Club Factory
18. WeChat
19. Beauty Plus
20. Newsdog
21. UC News
22. Xender
23. ES File Explorer
24. QQ Mail
25. QQ Music
26. QQ Newsfeed
27. Bigo Live
28. Parallel Space
29. Mail Master
30. SelfieCity
31. Mi Video Call — Xiaomi
32. WeSync
33. Weibo
34. Viva Video — QU Video Inc
35. Meitu
36. Vigo Video
37. New Video Status
38. DU Recorder
39. Vault- Hide
40. Cache Cleaner DU App studio
41. DU Cleaner
42. DU Browser
43. Hago Play With New Friends
44. CamScanner
45. Sweet Selfie
46. Wonder Camera
47. Photo Wonder
48. DU Privacy
49. We Meet
50. Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile
51. Baidu Translate
52. U Video
53. QQ International
54. QQ Security Center
55. QQ Launcher
56. Vmate
57. V fly Status Video
58. Mobile Legends
59. QQ Player

Chinese apps are permanently banned in India or temporarily

Everyone wants to know that these Chinese pps are permanently banned in india or temporarily, so answer to this question is the Indian government does not mention that this bans of apps in india are permanent or not.

The Indian government does not given any exact time period of banning these apps that means there are some chances in future that some of these apps will return to India. but there are most chances that Indian government will not change their decision on banning these apps.

some of the best and safe Chinese apps alternatives India

1. Alternative of UC browser, CM Browser, DU Browser

Most of the peoples are uses the UC browser for browsing something on internet, this app is belongs to china and Indian government accused china for sharing users data.

safe Chinese apps alternatives you can use the chrome for searching

People are usually uses this kind of applications for their own need but they does not aware of that someone is keeping tracks of their all movements on internet. The Chinese apps are takes the permissions to access our phones private folders, photos and even contacts. All the people blindly give them all permissions they want but they don’t what kind of permissions they are giving that app. Through this most of the apps takes our valuable data and information in their database then when need they can share with other without knowing by you.   

If you use this on your smart phone then as soon as you can Un-install these because it is not safe for your smart phone and for your security.

There are so many best and trustable apps are available on playstore and ISO store. If you are looking for the alternatives of the UC Browser, CM Browser, DU Browser then you can use below mentioned apps instead of using Chinese apps.

Best Safe Chinese Apps Alternatives Of UC browser, CM Browser, DU Browser

1.Google Chrome

The Google chrome is safe and trusted product of Google you can use this app for browsing on internet there are some advantages of this apps that is trusted, safe, less number of ads shows, redirection of ads also less.

    2. Fire Fox

The firefox is also one safe and trusted application of Mozilla Foundation. This application is free anyone can use this application.

3. DuckDuckgo

Secures your all data and this browser does not track your any activities which you do on your browser.

2. File Transfer SHAREit and Xender

The files and data sharing one of the concern of users who uses this kind of sharing application. After these apps get banned in india some peoples finding or searching the best alternatives for this apps.

There are so many apps available on android and ISO platforms, but if you want some best and trusted apps which you can use without worrying about the tracking and data leakage.

So here are two best apps for you that you can use for data and file transfer in between smart phones.

Best Safe Chinese Apps Alternatives Of SHAREit And XENDER

  1. Files go –files by Google

If you are looking for the one of the trusted and safe applications for transferring your precious data then you can use the one of the trusted application of Google himself that is Files Go.

2. Jio Switch

The Jio Switch also is the one of the safe and trusted application of Reliance Jio. For your transfer of data you can use this also this is totally made in India.

3. NEWS APPs UC News

The most of people in india use to read News on UC News. After Indian government decide to ban 59 Apps including UC news lots people are thinking that how they can read news now.

So here is one alternative for this problem that is Google’s product known as Google News.

Best Safe Chinese Apps Alternatives Of UC News

Google news

For read reading fresh, exciting and interesting news around the world. The Google news also supports the different types languages like Hindi, English, Marathi other languages also which is used in India. 

4. Phone Cleaner Android Cleaner- Cleaner Master or DU Speed Booster

If you’re looking for the apps to clean your phones junk files but after Indian government decided to ban 59 apps in India then people are also looking for the apps to clean their phones.

Best Safe Chinese Apps Alternatives Of Cleaner Master or DU Speed Booster

  1. Files by Google

If you use the Files by Google then you will be aware of that you can also use this for cleaning your phones junk files. You can also use this for transferring your precious data and file to another phone.

2. C Cleaner

The C Cleaner also available in Android and ISO device that you can use for transferring data and files.

Note:- there are no need to clean your phones through externals application your phones already has their own cleaner but if you really wants to clean your phone then don’t full your internals storage with so much data that phone can’t handle.

5.Video Editing Apps:- Viva Video

The Viva Video is most popular app for editing videos on your phones and for making videos new videos.  If you are using this app then immediately uninstall it if you value your privacy.

The viva video takes so many permissions from the users smart phones after installing that video editing apps does not need.

Best Safe Chinese Apps Alternatives Of Viva Video

  1. Kine Master

The kine master is safe and trusted apps available in both android and ISO devices.

If you are looking for the alternative for viva video the Kine Master is one of the best option for you that you can use for editing your videos.

2. Inshot

      The Inshot is best for music video editing and photo editing. It also has some best features like cut, trim, move etc.

3. Power Director

You can use this application for making videos like professional, it is quick and easy to use and also you can use this for making videos like movies.

6. For Video Conferencing Apps

In the office rooms the video conferring is the most used apps for communication between office officials and authorities. Also during this lockdown people are working from their home to ensure the safety of themselves and others.

For conferring between other employees and higher authority people are concern about the privacy of company and their own privacy also.

Best Safe Chinese Apps Alternatives Of video conferencing    

  1. Microsoft Team

The Microsoft Team is a product of Microsoft if you know this name that means you are well aware of companies reputation and standards. This company is trusted you can blindly trust this company with your data and privacy.

The Microsoft team supports the 1080p video quality with the screen sharing and recording features and you can join maximum 250 members in group.

2. Skype

The Skype is also one of the most popular platform for  video conferencing. In the Skype you can add up to 10 members in a group conversation. Also Skype is well known and trusted company.

3. Google Meet

The google meet also is safest and trusted application for videos conferencing because the google meet is powered by the google himself you can trust this application anytime.

It supports the HD quality video displaying, easy to join, easy to share resources during meetings.

4. Say namste

        The Say Namste apps is build and developed in India that means you don’t have to relay on any others countries application. The say Namaste app is safe and trusted, easy to use, joining and creating meeting is also easy.

5. Jio Meet

 The Jio meet is a product of Reliance Jio made in India application. The reliance jio recently lounched the jio meet on android and ISO platforms users.

This application is trusted and safe you can trust your safety on this company they will not leak you any kind of data or info to anyone.

7. Shopping Apps CLUB FACTORY

The club factory was one of the most popular applications for online shopping. This application gives the number of discounts on any product that you buy from here. Also, the prices on this app was really cheap and low budget that anyone can buy. But this was build and developed in china that’s why there was some security and privacy issues with this application for this purpose the Indian government banned this application India.

There are other safe and trusted alternative for this application that you can use for your Shopping.

Best Safe Chinese Apps Alternatives Of CLUB FACTORY


     The Amazon is trusted by the millions of customers they all loves to place order from Amazon. The Amazon is well known for their high quality products and services. You can easily place the order and also supports the different types of payments methods.


The FlipKart is also one of the most popular platform for Shopping, the flipkart provides the services like easy to return and cash on delivery. Also the flipkart provides the high quality products and customer support.

3. Myntra

The Myntra is popular for their fashion and lifestyle products. The myntra usually provides products like accessories, cloths, shoes etc. if you love to stay updated with the latest fashion you can try the myntra app.

8. Scanner App – Cam Scanner

The people are looking for ways to scan their documents after the Indian government banned the Chinese application named cam scanner even I was using this application for a long time for scanning and making PDFs on my phone.

There was something wrong with this application because this application was taking so many permissions from the user to access the users storage.

To ensure the safety of 1.3 billion people of India government decided to banned this application named cam scanner.

Best Safe Chinese Apps Alternatives Of Cam Scanner

Adobe Scan

If you are looking for some alternative for cam scanner then you must try the Adope scan. You can use the adop scan for converting your precious documents and images into the PDFs format. Also adope scan is supports the high quality image capturing and forms and documents convert into PDF files.

9. Mostly Uses App – TikTok , HAGO, Like, Kwai, Vmate

The apps like TikTok, Hago, Like, etc. are the most popular apps used in India. over 13 million user are uses the TikTok application and other apps also have millions of active users who uses these apps on daily bases.

for the safety precaution, the Indian government decided to ban 59 Chinese applications in India including TikTok.

Best Safe Chinese Apps Alternatives Of TikTok , HAGO, Like, Kwai, Vmate


The triller app is also like TikTok, Like, and Hago where people from all around the world upload the videos and shows there creativity and talent on this app.

It is totally free anyone can use this anywhere also it is available for both android and ISO platforms.

Protect Your Privacy with Best And Safe Chinese Apps Alternatives

In the above article, I shared some best and safe Chinese apps alternatives of Chinese applications these apps were dangerous for our smartphones and for our safety. That’s why the Indian government banned a total of 59 apps from china by concerning the safety of the nation.

This information is totally for the who are looking for some safe Chinese apps alternatives for use inf their cell phones without worrying about the data leakage.

If you find this article helpful then share it on social media platforms and also leave your valuable thoughts down below.

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