Spies in Disguise Movie in Hindi/English [262mb] Dual Audio You Should Watch This Movie(REVIEW)

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The spies in disguise movie in Hindi is the movie related to the spies and investigation movie including lots of fun factor like gadgets and technology made by the one kid.

Spies in Disguise Movie in Hindi

If you like to watch the movie investigation and mystery related then this movie is for you. Also, one more this movie is an animation movie all young people loves to watch animation movie.

You are here that means you also like to watch the animation movie like me.

So here in this article I’m going to tell you about the Spies in Disguise Movie in Hindi/English.

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About Spies in Disguise Movie in Hindi/English

There are thousands of movies are waiting for you to watch the movie of different categories. But today we are going to talk about the one animation movie named as Spies in Disguise Movie in Hindi/English.

I personally liked this movie I hope you will also like to watch this movie.

This movie is based on the secrete life of spies where one supervillain tries to kill all spies because of some reason. This movie is interesting to watch and you will be loved to watch it. You will not get bored during watching this movie.

Let’s talk about this movie technical stuff like this movie’s rating and all
this movie is directed by the Nike Bruno and Troy Quane. This movie is released on the date 27 Dec 2019 also this movie is available in Hindi.

This movie is produce by the blue sky studios production company. This movie’s budget was 10 crores USD and this movie earned 17.16 crores USD till now.

The IMDB rate this movie 6.8/10 this is pretty good.

The rotten tomatoes say this movie is 75% fresh to watch.

The common sense media given the 4/5 rating to this movie.

I personally liked this movie I hope you will also like to watch this movie.

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The Spies in Disguise Movie in Hindi/English star casts and their role

                           StarsTheir roles in movie
Will SmithLance sterling
Tom HollandWalter Beckett
Karen GillianEyes
Ben MendelsohnKillian
Rashida jonesMarcy Kappel
DJ KhaledEars
Masi OkaKimura
Reba McEntireJoy Jenkins
Rachel BrosnahanWendy
Mark RonsonAgency Control Room Technician
Carla JimenezGeraldine
Claire CrosbyUnitee
Toru UchikadoYakuza#1
Tawny NewsomeAgency Employee#1
Toshiya AgataYakuza #3
Stefania SpampinatoItalian Woman
Michi YamatoYakuza#4
Kimberly BrooksLance Sterling’s Car
Masa kanomeNothing specified

Story line of this movie

The story of this movie revolves around the spy named lance sterling who is specialized in his work he always completes his work and never disappoints anyone. Everyone sees him as a hero and the life and soul of the agency.

One day one super villain takes his Face and commits the crime and that crimes blames are comes on him.

So he goes to meet his scientist friend Walter Beckett and accidentally he drink the portion that changes human DNA structure and converts human into the pigeon.

The Walter is an intelligent boy who thinks that killing or harming other people is wrong so he makes gadgets that can stop anyone without hurting them. But lance does not like his way of thinking but after turning into the pigeon he has to listen to what Walter say to him.

After that they starts their investigation to prove the lance innocent and find out who is responsible for this.

About how they captures him and how lance does his spy work after turning into the pigeon for that you have to watch the movie.   

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Thoughts on this movie.

In this article, I am telling you about the movie Spies in Disguise Movie. I am just telling my thought on this movie. I’m not promoting any kind of piracy on this site also I’m not telling anyone right or wrong about anything that can hurt people.

So if you like this movie then share and comment your valuable thoughts of this movie.  

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