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TOP 10 Best Indian Web Series That Will Blow Your Mind

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Everyone loves to watch the series online but most of you were confuse or don’t know the best series to watch but today in this article I’m going to provide you the best Indian web series in Hindi. Also, some of them are free you can watch them for free without paying money for a subscription or anything else.

We just add some newly released series so we are not cover any old best series in our article so don’t get upset over it.

List of Top best Indian web series


the best Indian web series image shows the Betaal web series poster

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One of the best thriller series available on the internet today the betaal is the newly released series based on the spiritual activities and zombies attack. The story of this series starts with the village where all the peoples are doing some kind of spiritual for betaal they are trying to keep that betaal inside that cave.

there are some governments officer come and says that they want to build a high way here from this cave but these village peoples try to stop them but they couldn’t then that betaal attacks every one then they turn into the zombies. Then all the survival of that attack tries to kill that betaal. In the end, they kill or get killed for that you have watch the series.

You can watch this series on Netflix.   

2.Paatal lok

This series starts with some gangster tried to kill one news editor but before they kill him they gets arrested but why they want to kill that editor what that editor does to them this is being covered in this series.

This series is based on those gangsters why they want to kill him this is showed in the series you can watch this series on APV.

3. Raktanchal

This series story is on the men’s name vijay singh who belongs to the normal family but one day all these changes and he became a gangster and gets involved with the gangster and after that other big gangsters also looks for him. In the end the vijay singh escapes or dies from the hands of these gangsters or not this whole series is based on this.

You can watch this series on Mx player.

4.kali s02

The kali season 2 this kali s02 is an extension of a kali season 2=1 in this series the series continues from the story of the previous season.

Story of Kali season 1 one mother for his child he kills a maximum gangster in the city in just one night and in season 2  some gangster tries to take revenge from her for killing their members the mother then how she survive and protect his child from these gangsters all these are covered in this series.

You can watch this series on Zee5.


In this series, one person has one big mansion and he wants to sell it but after thinking he decides to convert the mansion into a heritage hotel but when he converts the mansion into a hotel some abnormal activities start happening. These abnormal activities are seriously happing or someone is doing that on purpose this is covere in this series.

You can want these series on MX player.

6. Mastram

In this series, the young boy is want to become a writer but its written articles is not getting popular than he decides to changes its content, and eventually its popularity increases. If you want to know exactly what is he writes in the article so he gets popular in less time for that you have to watch the series.

You can watch this series on MX player.


If you like to watch a series based on the court case and cases. In this series, the complete two lawers are trying to prove one person as guilty for some crime and there is one lawyer she is trying to prove that that person is not guilty. The whole story of this series revolves around this.  In the end who will win prove opposite lawyer wrong that was all story of this series.

You can watch this series on voot.


This series is based on two women and one of them thinks that she is going to die in 100 days a there is one police officer who is so self-fish and only thinks about her profit. This hole web series on thriller and comedy activity. they work on some secret mission what they do and she survives or not at the end for that you have to watch the whole series.

 You can watch is series on Hunred.


This series story revolves around the one girl’s murder mystery where Kolkata police try to solve but as much as they try to solve the case they more get involved in the case. The story of this series is totally based on that Kolkata police can solve that case or not.

You can watch this webseries on Addatime.

10.Rejectx 2

Before talk about Rejectx season 2 let’s talk about the rejectx season 1 in that season there was some mysteries and secrets that was not reveale in that season so in this season some of the secrets are going to reveal in this season 2.

You can watch this series on ALT Balaji.

Conclusion (top best Indian web series):-

Here in this article, we created the list of best Indian web series that you can watch online. We created this list just to clarify your confusion about which series should you watch.  You can watch them on some online platforms but for some of them, you have to pay.

We just created this list for those who are confuse or don’t know which series should they watch online so that’s why we selected some best Indian web series.

This all top 10 list selected randomly so don’t get apset all the series are bets to watch.

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[…] TOP Best Indian Web Series To Watch Online […]


[…] TOP Best Indian Web Series To Watch Online […]


[…] TOP Best Indian Web Series To Watch Online […]


[…] TOP 10 Best Indian Web Series To Watch Online […]

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