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What is Blogging and Blog? Full Summary in 2 Minutes

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About blog

What is Blogging and Blog is one type of website where the user writes their content on a daily basis. The blog site is updated every day the owner of the blogging site always posts something new on their sites.

What is Blogging and Blog

Every day people searches something on internet and clicks on certain site without knowing that these sites are actually is a blogging sites.

So many people always misunderstands the blogging concept every people are think that blogging is nothing but the website. The blogs sites are dynamic in nature & websites are static in nature there data on the site does not update on daily bases.

What is Blogging and Blog?

 you wanna know what is blog in simple words the blogs are the one type of website that there content changes on daily bases.

Authorized owner of the blog sites always adds some information on his site daily.

In other words you can understand that blogging is providing answering of some questions that mostly asked on the internet.

People upload their knowledge in the form of article to help people to solve their problems or give them a better view points for their questions.

History What is Blogging and Blog

The blogging term are on going from decades where firstly, it is introduced in the 1993 that time people does not know about the blogging system.

Rob palmer started working in company in London where he writes the content for the company and then that content was posted on the internet as a blog. People are visits these blog without knowing that was a blog. The company provides the online information for free.

After less than a year later the 19 year boy started blogging he does not work for some company. He just doing was personal blogging he only writes about the rumbling and links.

Peoples and companies started noticing the future and scope of this upcoming social platform.

Evolution of blog

Most of the people don’t know that in the starting of blog. People call it a web log,the web log was the first name used during the 90’s.

In 1997 people use to call it a “online journal” and “online Diary ”. but in official name was ”web log“.

Then it changed into the “we log” then after some time use to call it just ”blog” word.

Different between website & blogging

What is website ?

 Website ,the website is just a site which provides the some kind of services or does the website is different from the blog. The websites are only has the pages like About Us, Contact Us , Privacy policy, terms & conditions etc. only the sites does not post anything on their sites they only promotes their products and sells their products.

Also you will not see any changes in the site after some time also.

The websites are only created for the purpose of providing their services and product.the websites are like static entity that does not change.

What is Blogging and Blog ?

 The blog is same like the website but it is different from the website. You can understand the difference between website and blog through this.

The blog also has pages & post, the pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy policy, terms & conditions etc. but the blogging sites also has one more section called post section where they post their ideas & thoughts.

The blog sites are active sites that updates every day. If you visit one blog sites then after some time if again visit that sites you will see some difference in the content of that site.

The content of blogging sites updates daily the owner on the sites always posts something new on his sites. To give people answer for which they are looking for.

Blogging tools

If you want to start blogging then you will need some tool which you have to purchase from some sites.

You seriously wanna start the blog site then you have to invest some money for that.

Things needed to start the blog site.

  1. Professional domain name.
  2.  Web hosting plan
  3. WordPress platform
  4. Professional  business E-mail.
  5. SLL certificate for safety on your site and data.
  6. Themes
  7. Plugins knowledge

Blog or website which is better

In my opinion the blogging is better than having the static website. In blog site user can post his/her ideas or thoughts to help people who wants to know about that things the blog sites writes content on that topics.

If we compare both of them with amount of money needs to start them. The answers is same is needs to create a blog & websites.

About websites, websites usually focuses on the business morels ,strategies, planning, services, & products etc.

If you have service ideas or product ideas then you can start a website to sell your services and product globally.

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Different bet blog posts & pages

hmm what is different between posts and pages. Most of the people are confused in between these two words exactly what is posts and pages now I’m going to explain it briefly.

About Posts

  • The post are updates every day you can say that the blog posts are dynamic in nature.
  • posts are design from user point of view.
  • The posts are specially design to attract users they create the posts user friendly.
  • The posts contain the Heading & multiple Subheadings.
  • Also contain the categories,authors,& tags.
  • The posts can be share on the social sites.
  • The posts are also has a comment section to interact with visited users.

About Pages

  • The pages are static in nature you can not see any updates in the pages.
  • pages are design to show the websites authority and policies.
  • The pages are also often use to show the companies authorized informations like privacy policy, About us, contact us,terms & conditions,& disclaimers etc.
  • pages does not design in manner to attract user this simply shows the sites policies & authority.
  • The pages does not has the author , category ,& tags.
  • Also it does not has time or date.

When you are writing the posts you have to deep search on the topic to provide the useful information to upcoming visitors. After reading the blog visitor does not have to go to another blog for same question or information.

How does bloggers make money

If you want to earn money through easy way the you can actually start blogging. Through blog site you can make millions of dollars yearly. There are so many ways to earn money through blog site here I listed some of them.

1.Monetize site with ads companies

This one of the common way to make money through blog. You just have to monetize your blog site through the ads companies where they pays you because you allow them to show some ads on your blogs.

They pays you through ads show on your blog. they actually pays you through numbers of ads shows on blog site CPC/PPC & CPM.

CPC : “cost per click” in this type of ads showing method whenever user clicks on the ads shown on your site the you get paid through that.

CPM : “cost per 1000 visitors” in this type of ads showing methods you get paid the fixed amount of money per visitors.

You can Monetize your sites through so many ads networks

  1. Adsense
  3. propellers ads

2.Private ads sell

In this method you can make money through by showing ads of other companies , sites, or products. The difference is that if and only you have a good visitor in your site them only then companies will come to you,

They will pay you for showing their ads on your site. Also you can set amount of money you want.

3.Through affiliate marketing

The affiliate marketing is the one of the popular method of making money from blog sites. In affiliate marketing you promote the products of other companies or sites. If you makes sell of their products then you get some percent of commission from selling companies per sell.

You have to put their product links in your blog then whenever anyone buys something from your affiliate links then you gets your commission.

4.Digital products

The digital product is another best method of making money from blog sites. In this methods you have to make your own products to sell online.

The products like.

  • Books
  • Courses
  • Advance information

You have all authority of your product also you can decide the amount of money you want for that particular product.

All the rights of product are reserved by you.

5.Sell memberships

You can also make money through selling memberships means you design some extra informative section in your blog for visitor to access that part of your site visitors have to take membership of your blog site.

You can charge some money to get that memberships that price will be decided by owner of site.

Can anyone start blog ?

For writing blogs you do not need to be a professional writer or something. In blogging you just have to write your own content without copying others articles.

If you want to start a blog I recommend you to firstly evaluate properly what is blog & blogging. On which topic I can write valuable contents if you choose wrong domain or niches then after starting blog you will write maximum 5-10 blog then you will not get any ideas on that topic that’s why you have to go with your passion in blogging.

Before starting blog first of all you have take one domain name related to your niches. Then you need one best hosting plan that hosting service should provide SSL certificate and fast page loading that really matters.

Most of the people use wordpress for making their sites & for managing it. WordPress has so many free themes, plugins,& tools that will help you to make site.

Install wordpress and then you are ready to go.

 Then you are ready to post your own content on your blog site.


In this article I have explained every inch of details about the blog & blogging. Here I covered so many topic related to blogging that most of the peoples searches on internet. I tried to write my content in as simple as I can to full explain you about the blogging term.

If you still have any doubt about blog or blogging then comment down below I will personally reply your comments.

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[…] Blog, What is blog? Full summary about blog & blogging […]


[…] What is Blogging and Blog? Full Summary in 2 Minutes […]

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