15 World’s Rarest Dog Breads Which Are More Expensive Than Ruby Or Diamond

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There’s nothing wrong with a run-of-the-mill Golden Retriever or Chihuahua you can look at them and know exactly what they are but what if you want your dog to stand out well then you could look at adopting a rare bread.  Now in this article, I’ll tell you the 15 World’s Rarest Dog Breads in the world.

This is Goblin he’s my favorite back from the hairless variety to one that sells for upwards of ten thousand dollars here are 15 World’s Rarest Dog Breeds.

15 World’s Rarest Dog Breads in world

  1. Finnish Spitz
world's rarest dog breads includes Finnish Spitz
Image source – Google | image by-wikimedia

The Finnish Spitz is a very special dog and that’s no understatement. it has been the national dog of Finland since around 1979 and it’s even mentioned in many Finnish patriotic songs. it’s clear that the Finnish people are quite passionate about this dog but why well firstly. it’s quite rare there have only been around 2,000 registered annually and even less in the early 1900s.

It’s also one of the healthiest dog breeds with a lifespan averaging up to 15 years. if you wanted a dog that would remain your faithful companion for as long as possible then the finish spitz would be it the foxy faced flame-coloured dog is a hunting dog that has no fear. it uses a unique type of tracking and loves to bark but even their bark is something special for this dog’s vocal range makes it a pleasure to listen to rather than an annoyance.

There are also alert dogs that are a bit sassy but loving and not at all shy with strangers you also can’t help but have your heart melted by their curved tail and lively expression. when their ears perk up smart sensitive and entirely captivating the finnish spitz definitely fits the title of man’s best friend there are literally hundreds of dog breeds.

 In the world from common to extremely rare some are companion dogs while others are bred for the purpose of hunting tracking or guarding have you seen any of these in person.

2. Otter Hund Dog

Image source – Google | image by-peakpx

Otter Hounds are rare dogs that were bred for hunting otters back in the 18th century.  there’s even mention of them as early as the Year 1100 as otters put fish stocks at risk they were the answer to a growing problem today these boisterous and lovable dogs are as rare as they come.

There are only about 350 in the United States and Canada and fewer than 1,000 in the entire world but who wouldn’t want an otter hound as their faithful companion. They have a beautiful personality a rough double coat and webbed feet their aptitude for swimming makes them perfect friends for the water lovers in your family they also have an amazing sense of smell and can follow underwater trails for crazy distances.

Once they reached an odd it took no effort at all to take down a razor Claude feisty and Sharptooth daughter. Before it knew what it hit it today they’re more of a family dog but they also like to keep their independence. They’ll make you smile with their crazy antics but they’re just as happy to be off doing their own thing.  

3. Norwegian Lundehoot

On the islands off Norway’s west coast puffins used to be one of the only sources of food for the farmers. Who lived there but puffins which also go by the name of sea parrots are not the easiest critters to catch instead you needed to rely on man best friend but not just any dog would do farmers needed.

The Norwegian Lundehood who the Norwegian lunde who was specifically bred for the purpose of puffins hunting. So much that the word puffin is literally in their name Lunde is the Norwegian word for puffins they are a Spitz type dog with a curved tail double coat and triangular ears but there are also plenty of unique traits about this dog to each foot has six toes and an extra paw pad as well.

They are also known for their elastic neck which can remind you of the famous scene.

In The Exorcist but less terrifying of course the dog can crane its head so far back that. It touches its spine its ears also folds shut and its forelegs can extend to the side of its body thanks to its flexible shoulders puffins are now protected. So this dogs job is redundant still they make for a fun and energetic dog to have on your farm.

4. English Foxhound

Image source – Google | image by-wikimedia

Once upon a time you would have purchased or bred an English Foxhound to pursue foxes in the countryside well duh a fox sound is in their name. their stamina long legs and deep chest made them perfect for the hunt not to mention their love for hunting in packs and insane sense of smell but today the English Foxhound is not that common and not used for fox hunting instead they are family companions.

Sometimes you even see them as show dogs in Fox hound performance trials. These scent driven sociable dog owes are driven by instinct and are very much hardwired for the thrill of the chase.

So if you’re looking for a sofa snuggle buddy you won’t find one in the English Foxhound instead you’ll find a dog that doesn’t care for much other than chasing running and doing their own thing even training is out of the question. If they don’t feel like it this breed is not one for first-time pet owners and it’s certainly not one for anyone who happens to have cats rats rabbits or any other furry little critter that you’re quite fond off.

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5. Bedlington Terrier

Image source – Google | image by-wikimedia

 This cute little cotton bud might be rare but that doesn’t mean it’s not desirable for anyone. who wants a faithful and fluffy companion the Bedlington Terrier is named after an English mining Shire. Where it was bred and has plenty of desirable traits it has a curly coat tasseled ears fleecy head and an arched back.

It also appears to have Whipp’d Sighthound in its family tree basically this dog is as unique as they come. They move with a light spring in their step and if they catch a whiff of a small critter. They’re off like a bolt of lightning and you’d hope so for they were originally bred for killing vermin and their hunting instinct still they’re just as happy to be by your side as they are frolicking out in a field.

They will be your couch companion housemate an athlete end and alert watchdog. It’s still worth remembering that. the Bedlington Terrier is a terrier though if you own this breed you’re not gonna want to own anything smaller than it such as rodents or cats.

6. Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog

Image source – Google | image by-wikimedia

if you live in Louisiana then there’s one dog you’re probably gonna see a lot more than any other and that’s the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog as leopard-like as dogs Can get this charmer is a faithful family companion that steals the hearts of all.

Who see it the dog breed is of Choctaw origin and its name means sacred lake it’s also the only dog breeds that is thought to have originated in Louisiana but aside from its family tree this dog has plenty to offer the average pet owner. It was named the official state dog of the state in 1979 and has a beautifully striking appearance seriously you won’t find all too many dogs that look like this one.

 It’s also bred to work in forests and swamplands and is medium to large with a short coat. However if you’ve never owned a dog before the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog is not for you they need a firm owner and someone who can be the boss they also need a lot of stimulation and exercise to keep them out of trouble.

7. hound dog

Image source – Google | image by-pxhere

The as a walk is a hound dog that you won’t see all too often in your neighborhood in fact you can even describe them as rare they live for up to 15 years and are a West African sighthound. While you can find them in the United States they are far more common in the likes of Niger Mali and Burkina Faso more under control.

So he’ll see a bird and he’ll look at me but even though they aren’t that common their features are distinctive enough for you to know in as a walk. When you see one they can be a sandy fawn colour red blue black brown and white or any variation of these colours.

Their heads often have a black mask and there can sometimes be white markings on their tail bib and legs. They’re not a dull dog that’s for sure as a walk our beautiful Guardians and companion dogs. They are also gentle affectionate and protective of their people and property that’s why they make amazing family pets but before you rush out to track down and as a lock for your family. It’s worth knowing that they can be quite standoffish especially to strangers yeah it’s same they also don’t like being touched by people they don’t know still. once you get to know them be your new best friend.

8. Basenji

Image source – Google | image by-wikipedia

Are you looking for a companion to chew all your shoes and socks and anything else It can find and boy do we have the dog for you the Basenji comes from the Congo and was initially bred to control village rodent populations and flush out the small game. They are small 16 to 17 inch high dogs with short coats curled tails and cute little wrinkled foreheads.

There almond-shaped eyes almost look a little human-like and they are both inquisitive and sweet-faced dago’s but don’t let their sweep adorable faces fool you for these dogs are gonna keep you on your toes anything you leave on the ground is fair game to be chewed and you’re gonna need to offer them a lot of exercise and stimulation the Basenji can also require a lot of patience to train so they are not for first-time owners they suit smaller homes due to their small size but they need wide-open spaces to explore remember they have high prey Drive Stu hunt out small game so a rural environment is the best one for this rare dog breed.

9. Thai Ridgeback

Image source – Google | image by-wikimedia

It’s okay to be a little fearful when you see a Thai Ridgeback for the first time after all they do look slightly terrifying that’s a good eight to nine months. Before we found our first Thai Thai Ridgebacks are muscular dogs of a medium-size they come in blue-black fawn or red and quite often have spotted black or blue tongues even their fur is unique with them getting their name of Ridgeback from the way the fur on their back grows in a different direction to the rest of their body.

While their unique looks are one reason why people adore this rare breed. Their personality is a whole different one they are a loyal loving pet but also one that can be a protector for your family. They were bred for hunting and guarding and are both independent and self-sufficient by nature. Thai Ridgebacks can also be quite suspicious of strangers and are incredibly protective of their property.

They are also reserved and have a high prey Drive while also being quite intelligent if you fancy such a dog then make sure you’re by no means a novice with dog ownership.

10. Tibetan Mastiff dog

Image source – Google | image by-wikimedia

The Tibetan Mastiff is a dog that makes you want to snuggle up with it and nestle your face in its fur they are giant fluffy and ridiculously cute but before you do all that it pays to know a bit about this rare dog breed.

Tibetan Mastiffs were bred as guard dogs for property and livestock hundreds of years ago in Tibet. Hence the name Tibetan if you didn’t make that connection already they stand at about 26 inches to the shoulder and can weigh well over 100 pounds but under all that fluff is a muscular solid dog that means business but if you think they’ll be stomping around your home knocking everything over you’d be wrong. They are surprisingly agile and light footed which means they can surprise anyone trying to break into your they also have v-shaped ears a broad head and a beautifully noble face with expressive brown eyes well.

You would need to be an experienced dog owner to bring one of these dogo’s home you’ll likely enjoy the protection and personality they bring into your household.

11. Bergamasco Shepherd

Image source – Google | image by-wikimedia

Bergamasco Shepherd asked of sheepdog you might be wondering why we’re showing you a picture of a janitor’s mop instead of one of the dog breeds in the world but take a closer look this is a real dog the burgomaster sheepdog is not one that you’ll see all that often and was first bred by shepherds in Persia over 2,000 years ago what stands out the most about this dog is of course its coat.

It has loose mats of three different hair textures that make it look like it hasn’t seen a bath or brush in years this layer of felt like fur protects the dog’s body and legs from the cold not to mention wild predators in the Italian Alps where the pooch originates but aside from its fur there’s a reason why this dog is man’s best friend.

It is a hard worker they also have a heart of gold and are very loyal loving and bright you’ll even find that they’re easy to train and will watch over loved ones vigilantly. they can be a little aloof with strangers but a bit of time can make all the difference this rare dog is every farmers dream.

12. Mexican Hairless Dog

Image source – Google | image by-wikimedia

If you like being the center of attention then you certainly will be if you turned up to your local dog park with a Mexican hairless dog with a name that you’ll barely be able to pronounce cholo eats queenly.

There are plenty of ways this pooch is one of the rarest in the world how you say sure those two squinty. If I’ve got it right the breed comes in three sizes standard miniature and toy and you can also choose from hairless or coded the coded variety has a short and flat coat and the hairless dog just has a tough and smooth layer of skin even the colouring of this unique breed is something special.

If you decide that a Show Low eats queenly is for you then you can opt for one that’s black slate gray black bronze red or liver coloured whichever colour you get though you can expect. it to be a faithful companion Mexican hairless dogs are intelligent and thoughtful they also move with grace and elegance and furrow their forehead when deep in thought even though they appear to be delicate. This breed is surprisingly robust and strong that might be why they were one of the most popular dogs in ancient Aztec and Maya times as healers and guides to the underworld.

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13. Catawba rune

If you’re searching for a hunting companion that looks just a little bit different from other furry friends then the Catawba rune is a worthwhile option this rare breed of dog originates from Turkey and its name means split nose well that’s kind of an absurd name for a dog breed.

It’ll all make sense when you see it the nose of this dog develops in what looks like two pieces with a thin layer of skin joining the two.  while some people think this splitting of the nose makes it a better hunter.

It’s merely a cosmetic feature the Catawba rune which also goes by the name of the Turkish pointer and split nose pointer is man’s best friend in the great outdoors this dog has incredible stamina and requires a lot of physical and mental stimulation to keep it out of trouble in the right environment though it makes the best friend the qatal beroun has a lifespan of around 12 years and as a classic pointer look it has triangular ears colored patches on a white body and stands at about 20 inches tall.

14. Black Pitbull

Image source – Google | image by-wikimedia

Most people would have seen red nose and blue nose Pitbulls they are highly sought after as family pets but are reasonably common throughout the dog world in fact most colors of pitbulls are common because of the years of different gene types through generations of the breed but as it turns out and all black pitbull is quite hard to come by we have here pathetic and Jordan.

They’re here for the first time and as a result, they often come with a hefty price tag the only real difference between a black pit bull and other coloured pit bulls is the colour sometimes. Their eye colour is darker but their size and shape are very similar to other pit bulls even their personality aren’t all that much different remember pit bulls and other dog breeds are products of their environment more so than their genetics the black pit bull also looks quite similar to the Canis Panther.

Which is an all-black dog made up of four breeds when you breed a Great Dane and a Doberman Pinscher with a black Labrador Retriever and American Staffordshire Bull Terrier. the Canis Panther is the result the four dogs were chosen for their guarding abilities protectiveness and loyalty.

15.  Merle Bullied

a merle bully is not a dog you see every day and if you do see one you can almost guarantee that it costs the owners more than a down payment on a fancy sports car.  Merle is the name for a coat pattern on a dog rather than a particular color Merle is a pattern that’s caused by a gene that alters the pigment that they lift for the treats thus that life for a long time breeding merle World’s Rarest Dog Breads was frowned upon for the risk of deafness blindness and other health problems.

However Eric gray and wife Natasha knew the risk only lay in breeding – merle dogs. therefore their breeding business of mega built bullies in British Columbia Canada was born. the pair are the proud owners of the world’s first XL merle bully called aftermath.

who weighs in at a whopping 130 pounds aftermath was the result of a female merle crossed with a double XL bully at birth he weigh just two pounds. now aftermath is a one-in-a-million dog with beautiful colouring a solid structure and a lovely temperament he has sired several litters of puppies and his sperm has been sent all over the world his puppies even fetch $10,000 the same price.

World’s Rarest Dog Breads includes several more dogs but we only included some of them only.

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